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Start receiving orders from verified and curated retailers across Australia

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There are no listing fees, just upload your linesheet and photos to start selling

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Over the years we have worked with enough brands to know how expensive and make or break trade shows can be, so we decided to create a better way. Trada curates and vets brands across multiple retail categories before listing their products, ensuring that your brand is always in good company.

We have created an exquisite shopfront focussed on makers that highlights not just your products, but also your story and brand values. By creating a beautiful and curated marketplace of trusted brands, our retailers feel confident in ordering their merchandise from you with a single click.

How does it work?


Apply to Trada

Apply for free and you'll receive a phone call from us to understand your business. Then pass us your line-sheet and we'll build your storefront for you.

Go live

We'll use your line-sheet and photos to design a beautiful storefront with your minumum order amounts and wholesale pricing. At this point your brand is live.

Matchmaking & Ordering

Based on your category, values and price, we start recommending your products to retailers. When a retailer places an order you'll get notified.

Ship the order

When your receive an order you get 1 business day to accept it. Once accepted, fill in the tracking and ship the order out to get paid immediately.

Transparent pricing and instant payments

When you list with us we collect your retail and wholesale prices. After a verified retailer signs up to our marketplace they can clearly see your prices, their margin and the miniumum order quantity. When a retailer makes a purchase we take 15% of the order value and pass you the rest before you ship. If one of your existing retailers orders through the platform we will happily waive this commission. You can read our FAQs to learn more.

Free & Easy to start

Trada is absolutely free to sign up. To get started just apply and we'll give your a quick call to understand your business and what kind of retailers you are looking for. After the call, pass us you line sheet and product photography and we'll get our designers to build you a beautiful storefront on Trada. Once it's live, you're off to the races.

Sell across multiple categories

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The Trada Story

We want to help store owners embrace their role as curators and catalyze the shop local movement.

We believe that the future of retail is local. We are on a journey to help local retailers fight big box stores and online giants. We want to make finding awesome new product lines for your store a breeze. We are constantly working hard to ensure your selection is as unique and exciting as possible for your customers.

We want you to focus on helping and serving your customers while we empower you to curate the best products for your store!

Now Everyday is a Trade Show

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