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Brand FAQ

About Trada

Trada is a curated wholesale marketplace that showcases unique and independent brands to retailers in Australia. It is our goal to facilitate the 'buy local' movement in boutiques and shops across the country.

There are no contracts or fees to join; plus, our team will do all the work necessary to get your page launched on the platform. Once your page is active, we’ll send orders your way and you’ll ship to the buyer.
We'd love to work with you, but unfortunately we are not currently accepting brands outside Australia. However, it is on our roadmap and we look forward to keeping you updated when we expand internationally. Thank you in advance for your patience!
It is free to join Trada! We don’t charge you any monthly fee to be on the platform. We charge you a 15% commission on each order that a retailer places. The first few brands to sign up on the platform will be the Privileged brands and will enjoy zero commission on their first five orders.

Unlike traditional sales reps, however, we don’t require exclusivity and there’s no fee to join. We only make money when you make money. Our fee structure is a little different than other wholesale platforms because most of our effort and costs go into driving new accounts. We offer our retailers great terms on your behalf and want to help them grow their business which will ultimately benefit all of us in the ecosystem!
Currently we don’t have an option to ship via Trada but we are working on that. At this time you will have to handle shipment yourself. You can use your own carrier to ship this order, just enter the shipping cost and tracking number in our system once it is available. You will be reimbursed for the shipping cost in your total order payout.
Yes! Who you work with is your choice. You always have the final say before fulfilling an order. You can also choose to work only with shops that have a brick and mortar presence
Currently we are limited to Home Decor, Stationery and Accessories priced below AU$200. We are working towards adding more categories. If you’re primary category wasn’t listed above, feel free to create an account and we will get in touch as we launch your category.
What you sell is completely up to you. We encourage you to do the following:

A) List at least 20 of your best selling items
B) List a starter pack for helping retailers figure out what is required

We currently list products from categories limited to Home Decor, Stationery and Accessories only. We are working to add more categories.
If you have exclusive sales representation in any geography (state / city) we will honour your terms. You can list with us and we will block your brand from those states / cities.
Contact our support team using the form below and they’ll take down your page. We don’t have any contracts, so there’s no penalty for closing or pausing your account. Our goal is to offer a delightful and lucrative experience so you’ll want to continue partnering with us.

Getting started

We’re really excited to grow our brand community. If you’d like to be listed on our platform fill this form and we’ll get in touch with you within two-three business days. After your maker application is accepted, you’ll provide your catalog, photography, and wholesale details. Our team will then design a Faire page for your brand. We’ll do all the upfront work for you!

As soon as your profile is created, we’ll send you an activation email. You’ll be able to add and edit products through your new Maker Portal.
Each time a retailer places an order for your products, we’ll send you an email. You’ll be able to review the order details, edit availability, and accept or decline the order.

If you’ve received an order for an item you don’t currently stock or have temporarily stopped stocking, then we would recommend updating the same on your ‘Available Products’ section in your dashboard or inform your account manager immediately.
If a retailer reports that anything didn’t arrive or got damaged in transit, we’ll let you know. We’ll provide a photo of any damage so you can file a claim with your shipping provider.
As soon as you’ve been accepted as a brand into the marketplace you will be assigned an Account Owner. You can get in touch her/him to refer existing retailers or literally anything you’d like to speak to us about.

We would love to on-board your existing retailers and work with them. You will not be charged a commission fee while ordering from these retailers.

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