Below Zero

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Small Batch Australian Made All Natural

About Below Zero

With over 20 years experience in the Pet Industry, our Dog Treat philosophy is simple.

Use simple, easy to understand ingredients dog's love to eat. Process as little as possible to keep the nutritional integrity of the product.

Our pets are loyal, much loved members of the family and consequently we are just as concerned with their well being as we are with the rest of the family.

This means we like to feed wholesome, high quality, nutrient dense treats that are tasty and beneficial to your dog's health.

Our Ingredient list is straight forward and easy to understand.

We have Single protein options such as Salmon Belly, Green Lip Mussles, Chicken Breast, Kangaroo, Duck Liver and Sardines.

For double the goodness, you can choose from Chicken and Coconut, Kangaroo and Blueberry, Lamb and Mint, Salmon and Dill or Beef and Bacon.

There are no hidden preservatives or additives and are proudly 100% Australian Made.

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Jennifer Vasilj
Founder of Below Zero