Box Brothers

Based in Daylesford, Victoria
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About Box Brothers

The Box Brothers are a dynamic duo made up of Pete and Shorty, from Eganstown, Victoria (near Daylesford).
Pete and Shorty are neighbours and in his other life Pete is a strawberry farmer and this is how Box Brothers came to be. 
Pete was using a PLA (corn starch based) punnet to pack his fruit into. This material is biodegradable but is often mistaken for plastic and this is a problem. Shorty insisted that together they could make something better. Discussions and scheming began and after a few trials they settled on timber veneer. It's beautiful, biodegradable, can be locally sourced and best of all the type of veneer required for their products is considered 'waste' by the industry. The next step was to develop the knowledge and tools to achieve punnet perfection. This involved many hours and prototypes, discussions with other farmers, producers, grocers and the general public to finally end up with 'The Timberwood'. This punnet is still in use today and throughout summer is filled with delicious strawberries from Pete's farm (Morningswood Farm).
From the origins of searching for the perfect punnet and developing the machinery to produce it, The Box Brothers have gone from strength to strength. Learning how far they can push the style of weave and the timber. They have now moved into making hampers and boxes of all shapes and sizes, these are carefully hand woven and then finished with a small amount of glue (or sometimes a staple). The Box Brothers have maintained their original ethos of trying to reduce plastic packaging in the market and using waste materials (even our machines are made from waste!) while growing their business and they are willing to continue to learn and grow with your business. Please see the range of custom boxes that are on our profile and see where your imagination takes you in creating your perfect, personalised, box or hamper. 
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Pete & Shorty
Founder of Box Brothers