Coat - The Portable Coat Hook

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About Coat - The Portable Coat Hook

As the saying goes "necessity is the mother of all invention"... well COAT was born from just that. The need to hang our garments safely, whilst on-the-go.

Picture commuting to work during peak hour. Busy trains, buses, hands full, you're working up a sweat … you take your coat off BUT where do you stow it? On the floor? Over your legs? On the back of a chair? How does your coat look when you put it on for the first time following your commute? Is it crushed? Does it smell? Do you still feel sharp? COAT was created from recognising how common these problems were.

We saw the need to have a portable hanging solution that enabled personal garments to be hung in safe and accessible locations. COAT is versatile and is made to travel wherever you do - work, restaurants, transport, pubs and even home.

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Luke Dutton
Founder of Coat - The Portable Coat Hook