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About EkokidSpaced In

Our children furniture celebrates the kid in us all and allows little people the freedom to explore and use our pieces to enter a world of make believe and to transform them into whatever their imagination sees. Great design for kids should be fun without sacrificing its clean lines and functionality. Ekokid believes, when designing for children, we must enter their world and allow ourselves to break free from the constraints of our big people eyes and feel what it’s like to be a child again.

Ekokids furniture aims to make life easier for parents, with its simple assembly and unique design.

We LOVE what we do and are so happy to bring to your children fun, modern plywood furniture with a dash of MAGIC and a whole lot of durability.
I was home staying mum for both of my girls. As you mums know, it is a full time job but Design always has been present in my being as a under current, and, slowly I regained confidence with my handmade plywood decor for children- Ekokids Australia.

When we moved in into our new house, I was looking for furniture for my girls room. In my pursuit for fun furniture, I realised it was always lacking at least one element I believed essential!

For that moment on, I was determined to find the very best material available and to provide an unique approach on children's furniture. In that pursuit, I came across the Viking Joinery, a no screws system that would lock furniture in place. Late 2016, after months of prototyping and testing, I was able to bring Kreature to life. That's when Ekokids was born!

Hope we can share this journey together. <3

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Cristina Da Silva Pell
Founder of EkokidSpaced In