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Mummy Care- Fertiliy

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About Mummy Care- Fertiliy

Ingredients: All Australian Certified: Chaste Tree berry; Spearmint; Nettle Leaf; Red Raspberry Leaf; Red Clove.

Health Functionality: Caffeine Free. Boost Detoxification ; Support Hormonal Balance & Reproductive Health.
Dairy free, Gluten free, Organic ingredients, Sulphate Free, Vegan friendly, Vegetarian
Warning : Not suitable while pregnant.

This fertility tea has been formulated to assist the chances of natural fertility. All these organic ingredients work to actively stimulate the reproductive organs, balance hormonal level and prepare your body for conception.

Brewing Instructions:

Take one tablespoon of loose leaf tea, put into the biodegradable tea bag or strainer; with 300 ml boiled water brewing for 3-5 min.
This herbal blend can be cold brewed as well since the ingredients are all natural hers, it taste more fresh and more tasty when cold brew. Simply put loose leaf (about 3 g) in 300 ml cold water brewing for 1 hour or so, the natural herbal flavors would be released thoroughly . Leave it in fridge would taste even better in hot Summer day.