Light My Fire Melbourne

Minimum $250 Ships in 7 days Essendon, AU
Australian Designed Australian Made Eco Friendly Fair Trade Handmade Small Batch Women Owned

About Light My Fire Melbourne

Light My Fire Melbourne is a small batch handmade candle brand that focuses on pouring candles that look great and smell brilliant. Each candle is hand poured in small batches in our home studio in Essendon where we blend our own fragrances that are exclusive to Light My Fire. We believe in creating unique fragrances that are sophisticated but still playful, made to make customers smile. A simple but eye catching design with our labels created by She Fox studio with artwork that is made to stand out to customers and make a stylish and special gift.

In late 2014 Light My Fire started as a passion project for to create candles for my family and friends. By the end of that year a passion was found, a process and art that I fell in love with. For me, candle making is a lot like cooking, it's about making something with love and watching people smile as they experience it. Scent is such a powerful sense and we do all we can to create fragrances that trigger beautiful memories or help create new ones.

We believe in sustainability with our reusable glassware and soy waxes, we believe in thoughtful gifts that people will use and not have sit on a shelf, we believe in treating yourself, we believe in handmade and local.

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Natalie Carter
Founder of Light My Fire Melbourne