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About Organic Nights

Organic Nights' mission is to provide the healthiest and most soothing cocoon for children while they sleep.

We are an Australian-designed and founded label, meeting the strictest Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Our sleepwear is made in a well-established, community-minded GOTS-Certified Mill in India that upholds Fair Trade practices.

We create GOTS-certified 100% Organic Cotton sleepwear and muslins for children, from newborns to 11 years of age, to give families peace of mind that their little ones are protected from nasty toxins while they slumber. After all, when children enjoy quality sleep, they heal, recharge, dream and grow.

We design and illustrate from the heart and with nature in mind to preserve the innocence of childhood as little ones’ adventure through their early years: the golden years. As parents ourselves , we know in our heart of hearts that soothing, connected and healthy bedtimes are one of the best gifts that we strive to give our children every single evening. The wonderful part is that this gift fills us up too.

Our sleepwear is made for families looking to reduce their toxic load and avoid the dangerous slew of synthetic chemicals and treatments used in conventional pyjama production. Non-organic sleepwear is commonly treated with toxic flame retardants, dyed in toxic colours (using azo dyes, heavy metals and formaldehyde) and finished with treatments or softeners, which may contain untested ingredients, including toxic phthalates and synthetic musks. We respect that parents are becoming increasingly aware and alarmed to hear of the dire consequences these toxins have for human health - from hormone disruption and cancer to reproductive health issues - and to the health of our planet.

Choosing our GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton pieces for children to sleep in, means that parents don't have to worry about issues like endocrine disruption, heavy metal toxicity or that our fabrics might trigger eczema and asthma. They can safely strike these health implications and risks off their list of concerns when their children wear Organic Nights.

Our highly regarded GOTS certification and connection is important because it means our label not only protects the local environment of our GOTS-Certified Mill in India and the future health of our planet but also protects the health and social rights of the farmers, seamstresses and workers involved at every step of the supply chain, from the cotton seed to the final seam.

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Nichola Powell and Frances Gillies
Founder of Organic Nights