Pink Nade

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About Pink Nade

Hi! I'm Johanna, owner, designer and creator behind the brand Pink Nade.

Pink Nade was started when my youngest child turned 2 and ended the era of children ripping earrings out of my ears.
I have 5 children so this was a long earring drought for me. I had started to get my confidence back, was rediscovering myself again after being at home with my babies and back into the "real world" when I opened my retail store Menace Toys where I sell mens, womens and children clothing and accessories. My earring obsession had been awoken once again and I was in need of some awesome unique earrings to stock in my shop so I thought, why not create my own range.

I have been able to combine my love for design, colour and pattern to bring you my new and exciting brand of high quality, Australian made statement dangles, statement studs and brooches. I'm constantly creating and designing, most often at 3am when the "good ideas" come to me. You will always find something fresh, new and unique at Pink Nade and I am so excited to be working with some amazing stores to absolutely ROCK the lobes of your customers.

I'm a passionate supporter of women succeeding, whether it be in business, or reaching their own personal goals. I love to cheer along from the side lines, I'm a firm believer in empowering women and being kind to all. Random acts of kindness are kind of my jam, making people feel appreciated, noticed and loved and I hope to encourage the community I've created with Pink Nade to do the same.

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Johanna Glennen
Founder of Pink Nade