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Sleepy Time - Bubble Bath 250ml | Trada Marketplace
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Sleepy Time - Bubble Bath 250ml

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Case size: 4

About Sleepy Time - Bubble Bath 250ml

Sleepy Time Bubble Bath formula was designed to assist with relaxing and calming the body before bed time. We have had great results with our gentle formula not only for relaxation but also for the skin.

Bubbles, bubbles, give me bubbles!

Our very own formulated Bubble Bath takes you back to your traditional days when having a bath was all about the bubbles. We have created a vicious bubble bath that provides SO MANYYYY BUBBLES for not just the kids but also the big kids at heart.

How to use: While your bath is filling up, squirt a small amount of Planet Fizz Bubble Bath under the direct running water. Wait until bath is full then jump in and enjoy the bubbles.

Important: Please patch test before using, if any irritation occurs discontinue use immediately. Baths can become slippery after using bubble bath, please take care when entering and exiting the bath.

Ingredients: Aqua, sodium laureth sulphate, CDE80, glycerin, sea salt, fragrance oil, water soluble dye.