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Fair Trade Women Owned Small Batch Handmade Australian Designed

About Roun

ROUN began as a small idea in my mind, one of those 'dream jobs' you always wished you could do for a living, but didn't think was achievable. Well eventually I decided stuff it! You only live once (literally YOLO) and why not work to make your dreams a reality.
So ROUN was born, and it has been the greatest thing I've ever done. I absolutely love this business and pour my heart and soul into it every single day...who am I you ask?!

My name is Alex, I'm from Melbourne and I love all things creative.

After studying design and photography I have found my favourite way to spend my days is designing these beautiful ROUN leather bags...which I hope you love as much as me!

You can find me soon selling at markets around Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula. Come and say hello!!

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Alexandra Bish
Founder of Roun