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About Ruby Simone Silk

We are a luxury brand offering affordable sleeping solutions.

Our founder, Victoria Brandon is a highly experienced Beauty Therapist, having commenced in the beauty industry in 1986. Victoria is passionate about empowering her clients with confidence, which led her to develop silk pillowcases and impart her passion on to the business.

“I try to instil confidence in people that come into my life, by making them believe in themselves and that they can achieve their goals. I believe in enhancing my clients’ natural beauty in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way possible. “ - Victoria

Having encouraged the use of silk pillowcases to beauty industry clients for decades, Victoria felt that none on the market have been worthy of a qualified recommendation. Industry standards of pillowcases lacking quality silk as well as the use of abrasive materials - such as zippers and embroidered designs – meant the benefits of silk are largely voided.

Oncologists recommend their patients sleep on silk during chemotherapy, too.

The Hunter Cancer Centre, part of Ramsay Health Care, states “Hair loss usually occurs within 3 weeks from commencement of your first chemotherapy. Your scalp may become tender during this time and using a silk pillowcase over your pillow, may help you at night while sleeping.”

Founded in 2017, our knowledge of the medical and cosmetic beauty industries led Ruby Simone Silk to initially focus on the benefits obtained specifically for medical and cosmetic beauty customers, although we soon discovered benefit to the wider community as well.

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Victoria Brandon
Founder of Ruby Simone Silk