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About Shakiraaz Homewares

Shakiraazhomwares is a textile / homedecor brand that was created by Melbourne based textile designer Shakira Lima whose Indian roots combined with her textile design background forged the way for this handmade & handcrafted brand to evolve. At Shakiraazhomewares all products are totally handcrafted with 3/4 of the designs being designed right here in Australia by Shakira & other sourced from artisans all of whom create by hand, be it hand block printing, hand screen printing or handweaving. Shakiraazhomewares also prides itself in creating small batches of products thus ensuring pieces remain unique, rather than mass produced goods. We also pride ourselves in working with a lot of natural materials & dyes such as Indigo etc, thus lending our products to be eco-friendly & natural.

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Shakira Lima
Founder of Shakiraaz Homewares