The Bliss Cartel

Based in Newcastle, New South Wales
Minimum $300 Ships in 21 days GST Registered
Women Owned Small Batch Handmade

About The Bliss Cartel

The Bliss Cartel (tm) is a handmade bath & relaxation products business with a cheeky twist!!
Home of the Pretty Profanities (tm) and the one stop shop for all things Sassy Self Care, we aim to provide beautiful, handcrafted products with attitude.
The Bliss Cartel was started in 2017, because I was exhausted, burnt out and wanted more from life. I realised that all self care products on the market were very "relaxation/zen" focused and none actually addressed that perhaps...those buying the products were frazzled, angry and tired. So I decided to make products that the purchaser could RELATE to, that were named just how they were feeling, to bring a sense of it being OKAY to be sick of everyone's shit! 
I want to convey to my customers that self care isn't all peace, love and roses. That it can also in fact be sassy and full of attitude!!
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Alisha Hannah
Founder of The Bliss Cartel