Book Bird Samples

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About Book Bird Samples

This simple but elegant page holder allows for easy one handed reading of you favourite book. Slip one on your thumb and enjoy the convenience. The elegant wings engage with the spine of the book and effortlessly hold the page open leaving your other hand free to eat, drink or hold on whilst standing on public transport. On the train, a plane, in bed or laying on the grass in the park. They will easily fit in a pocket or handbag. One for the handbag, one for the bedside, maybe even one for the office. These would be a wonderful gift for those that love to read. With a little care these will last several lifetimes.

Four hole sizes are available. 16mm, suitable for children and petite ladies, 18mm probably best for most ladies,20mm which is suitable for most men, or, 22mm for those with larger hands.

This listing is for one commercial sample of the product in a size of your choosing. This will be shipped once to qualified customers at no charge so that you can gauge the effectiveness of the product. If you enjoy reading traditional books then you will most likely fall in love with this product.